Factorio Console Commands
Factorio Console Commands
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Multiplayer Commands Factorio Console Commands

Factorio console commands, detailed description, and information on how to use command in game.
Console input that does not start with / is shown as a chat message to your team.
/admins Prints a list of game admins.
/ban Bans the specified player.
/banlist Adds or removes a player from the banlist. Same as /ban or /unban.
/config Gets or sets various multiplayer game settings. Available configs are: afk-auto-kick, allow-commands, allow-debug-settings, autosave-interval, autosave-only-on-server, ignore-player-limit-for-returning-players, max-players, max-upload-speed, only-admins-can-pause, password, require-user-verification, visibility-lan, visibility-public.
/delete-blueprint-library Deletes the blueprint library storage for the given offline player from the save file. Enter “everybody confirm” to delete the storage of all offline players.
/demote Demotes the player from admin.
/ignore Prevents the chat from showing messages from this player. Admin messages are still shown.
/ignores Prints a list of ignored players.
/kick Kicks the specified player.
/mute Prevents the player from saying anything in chat.
/mutes All players that are muted (can’t talk in chat).
/open Opens another player’s inventory.
/o Same as /open.
/players [online/o/count/c] Prints a list of players in the game. (parameter online/o, it prints only players that are online, count/c prints only count)
/promote Promotes the player to admin.
/purge Clears all the messages from this player from the chat log.
/reply Replies to the last player that whispered to you.
/r Same as /reply.
/server-save Saves the game on the server in a multiplayer game.
/shout Sends a message to all players including other forces.
/s Same as /shout.
/swap-players [player] Swaps your character with the given player’s character, or if two players are given swaps the two player characters.
/unban Unbans the specified player.
/unignore Allows the chat to show messages from this player.
/unmute Allows the player to talk in chat again.
/whisper Sends a message to the specified player.
/w Same as /whisper.
/whitelist [player] Adds or removes a player from the whitelist, where only whitelisted players can join the game. Enter nothing for “player” when using “get” to print a list of all whitelisted players. An empty whitelist disables the whitelist functionality allowing anyone to join.