Factorio Console Commands
Factorio Console Commands
About Factorio Console Commands
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Command Line Parameters Factorio Console Commands

Factorio console commands, detailed description, and information on how to use command in game.
-h [ --help ] display help
--version show version information
-v [ --verbose ] enable verbose logging
-c [ --config ] PATH config file to use
--no-log-rotation don't rotate log file
--mod-directory PATH Mod directory to use
--check-unused-prototype-data Print a warning for all prototype values that were not accessed
-s [ --map2scenario ] arg map to scenario conversion
-m [ --scenario2map ] arg scenario to map conversion
--apply-update arg immediately apply update package
--create FILE create a new map
--map-gen-settings FILE Map generation settings for use with --create. See data/map-gen-settings.example.json
--map-settings FILE Map settings for use with --create. See data/base/prototypes/map-settings.lua
--preset arg Name of the map generation preset to be used.
--generate-map-preview FILE Generate preview images of the map
--map-preview-size SCALE (=1,024) Size (in pixels) of map preview
--map-preview-scale SCALE (=1) Scale (meters per pixel) of map preview
--map-preview-offset X,Y (=0,0) Offset of the center of the map, in meters
--start-server FILE start a multiplayer server
--start-server-load-scenario FILE start a multiplayer server and load the specified scenario
--start-server-load-latest start a multiplayer server and load the latest available save
--until-tick TICK run a save until given map tick
--mp-connect ADDRESS start factorio and connect to address
--load-game FILE start Factorio and load a game in singleplayer
--benchmark FILE load save and run benchmark
--benchmark-ticks N (=1,000) number of ticks for benchmarking. Default is 1000
--force-opengl use OpenGL for rendering
--force-d3d use Direct3D for rendering
--fullscreen BOOL start game in windowed mode (saved to configuration)
--max-texture-size N maximal size of texture that the game can use (saved to configuration). Should be power of two greater than 2048
--graphics-quality arg accepted values: normal, low, very-low
--video-memory-usage arg accepted values: all, high, medium, low
--gfx-safe-mode resets some graphics settings to values that should work on most configurations
--shader arg enable/disable shader postprocessing (saved to configuration)
--disable-audio Disable audio. Mainly for faster startup during development.
--port N network port to use
--bind ADDRESS[:PORT] IP address (and optionally port) to bind to
--rcon-port N Port to use for RCON
--rcon-password PASSWORD Password for RCON
--server-settings FILE Path to file with server settings. See data/server-settings.example.json
--server-whitelist FILE Path to file with server whitelist.
--server-banlist FILE Path to file with server banlist.
--console-log FILE Path to file where a copy of the server's log will be stored
--server-id FILE Path where server ID will be stored or read from
--start-server SAVE Will start a Headless (Dedicated) server, with no GUI.
--mp-connect ADDRESS ADDRESS is the IP:port of the remote host. Port is optional.